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How to Choose the Perfect Press Brake by TMA Machinery

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Update time : 2017-02-15 14:01:11

How to Choose the Perfect Press Brake by TMA Machinery


1.IntroductionThe role of press brakes is pretty straightforward – bendingsheets of metal to a certain angle – but choosing one isn’t all thatsimple. To make a wise decision, you must first research aseries of factors and determine which options would suit yourneeds the best.In this presentation, we will lay it all out for you, so you can goahead and purchase with confidence, knowing that your choiceis the right one.

2.Bending ForceThe first factor on your list is the bending force or tonnage thatyou will need. To calculate that number, you can either useformulas or a chart such as the one depicted here.Either way, the tonnage will dependon the thickness and the length ofthe plates you intend on using, aswell as the metal that will be bent.

3.Working LengthThe second factor to take into consideration is the length ofbend. If you choose a press brake with a maximum capacity ofsay 2 foot (which is a regular size), you will not be able to bendanything longer than that.So, before you make your decision, verify that the machine youpick will be able to handle all your parts or sheets, from thesmallest to the biggest.

4. DesignUsually, your choice of design will come down to 2 types ofmechanisms: Pneumatic or HydraulicWhile the first one is perfect forsmaller jobs where you will notneed a lot of tonnage, you willprefer hydraulic presses if youoperate a bigger shop that requiresheavy-duty machinery.Mechanical presses used to be manufactured but they’ve beendiscontinued nowadays because of safety hazards.

5. BackgaugeOne of the most critical parts of a press brake is the back gaugewhich serves the purpose of positionning the metal part beforebending. Why is it so important? Simply because not all modelsallow the back gauge to be changed in a smooth and fastmanner. And we all know that time equals money.All the time that you waste, readjusting the back gauge, is timeduring which the machine will not "produce". To minimize thatloss of time, look into buying a press brake with CNC controls.As a rule of thumb, the more CNC, the faster the changes willgo.

6.SupplierFinding the best press brake for your business is just the firststep. What happens now if an issue arises? What if themachine breaks down and you cannot fill in orders anymore?The company you purchase the pressfrom will also play a huge role in yourfinal satisfaction. You want to make surethat you deal with a reputable sellerthat will not only back its products100% but that will also help you andhave enough spare parts in stock shouldyou encounter any problem.

7.ConclusionYour decision of a press brake will depend on the size of yourbusiness, the thickness and length of material you will need tobend, and whether or not you can afford to lose time readjustingthe back gauge.All those criteria have to be kept in mind when shoppingaround for a press; however, remember that who you buy itfrom is as much – if not even more – important. So make duediligence and you will know you will have made the right choice.

8.Want to learn more about press brakes?Visit us at:http://

9.Want to learn more about press brakes?Visit us at:http://
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