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Economical CNC press brake

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Update time : 2023-02-16 10:36:53

According to the market demand, we recently launched an economical CNC press brake. I'd like to introduce you to our company's new series of machines.

The configuration has not changed: Schneider Electric, Siemens motors, etc..

The quality has not changed: the weight of the machine makes the performance of the machine more stable and the service life longer.

The service has not changed: we still provide you with 24-hour online service, installation and commissioning guidance, and various after-sales services.

The only change is that the price is more favorable. Our economical CNC can let you enjoy CNC machines at a more favorable price.

1.    The Motorized Z1 and Z2 axes.

2.    ES10 control system with simple operation, the function of CNC is perfectly reflected by the synchronous axis of torsion bar.

3.    The rear retaining beam is equipped with 2 linear guides.

4.    The rear guard net is equipped with infrared alignment.

5.    EU streamlined design.

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