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700W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

1. With great flexibility, it is easy to cut non-ferrous metals, such as copper and brass. It shows exceptional quality.
2. Low production and maintenance costs due to low power consumption. No requirements for resonator gas.
3. The fiber laser machine is suitable for marking, finisheing and detailing the pieces to be cut.
4. Unbeatable high output of fine thickness pieces.
5. The machine is easy to install and fast to put into service.
6. High cutting speed for the materials with thicknesses less than 4mm.
7. With the fiber laser machine, the cutting speed for the material of thicknesses less than 6mm is 5. If using N2 when operatioing, the speed can be 5 times faster.
8. The compact design takes up minimal space, but with no size limitation. The approximate lifecycle is between 4.000 and 5.000 hours.
9. The exceptional effeciency of the fiber laser greatly reduced electricity consumption. This machine is 86% more energy efficient than the CO2 laser.
10. Lens only need to be changed once a year, within and "optional clean room" environmentally controlled area. The same lens can be used for treating all materials in any thickness.

1. High output power
2. High quality of laser beam
3. Less focus, large focal distance.
4. Coefficient of effciency over 30%
5. Compact, solid and easy to install
6. Low operatiion cost
7. Flexible and durable fiber optic cable
8. High electrical efficiency
9. Lifespan of the diodes over 100,000 hours
10.Low requirements for colling


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